Building Sales

  Building profits globally

Business Needs

A large global product company experienced internal business conflicts with local sales organization objectives not aligned with senior management’s strategy and budget.  Sales organizations were meeting their local objectives, however, the company was not meeting its overall business objectives.


Stonebridge led the development and implementation of a new global sales management system to replace multiple regional and local salary and bonus approaches.  The new globally implemented system (salary and commission based) included revenue, profitability and new product placement incentives directly consistent with the company’s annual budget.  The approach also included improved communication of the company’s business and marketing strategy with the sales team, encouraged global client co-ordination and teaming, and increased accountability.


Sales organization objectives, with organization changes, were now aligned with senior management’s global business objectives.  Common objectives accelerated the growth and closing of larger, global deals and solutions, and reduced local  “silo“, sub-optimized approaches.